What eye shadow would look best on me?

( im the girl with the dark brown hairon the right) hi im 10 but not sure what eye shadow to use
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I guess a little eye shadow wouldn't hurt! Just try to stay away from too much have great skin at this age, don't congest it from wearing too much makeup! Anyways, I think a light champagne (cream) color with a little bit of shimmer would be really pretty!
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I'm 10 aswell and i wear make up every day (even on school days) so i usually go for neuatural colours like beige or white :)
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i dont think 10 is the right age to be wearingmakeup, on a day to day basis. if it was a special event, thats ok. for brown eyes you can experiment with anything. try neautrals though so you dont look cheep.
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my advice is try putting off make up for as long as you can because alot of makeup is really bad for you skin and you look like you have very good skin anyway and a preety face but if you want to wear it always try to go for the more nautral makeup and if you want to use eye shadow at your age it should be something light toned like one shade darker then your skin colour or light browns beacuase there like safety colours they suit everyone and you really cant go wrong hope that helps :)
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i think that you are a little young to be wearing make-up but a neutral would look very pretty on you becasue it is light and looks good on everybody.
i hope i helped! :)
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hey im asena and i would say a pink or purple or a peachy colour eye-shadow for your skin tone im only 12 and i have the same skin tone as you but slightly tanned so yeah a peachy or pink or purple colour will go best. and what are you going to wear the eye-shadow for?
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In her late teens from Manchester

Brown eyes, normal light skin, darkest brown very long (mid-back) straight hair
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