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What colour of foundation should i wear?

I am a Scottish lass with pale skin, faint freckles, blue eyes (dark on outside, light on inside) and dark brown wavy hair. What colour of foundation should I wear? I currently always choose Ivory or porcelain but they don't seem to make me look any better - healthier! Also I struggle to find a concealer to go with it - should it be the same shade as my skin and the foundation a shade darker or how does it work? Any haircut ideas would be good too, as a new mum and soon to be uni student with little time to style, small budget and the desire to look good...
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Choose a concealer a bit lighter than your foundation. You want to make sure that your foundation blends perfectly into your neck but you can always add some "color" by adding a bronzer for a nice, healthy glow. Go to a cosmetic counter to get color matched and take home a few different samples to try. I often use Clarins face self-tanner to add color to my fair, Irish complexion. Adding a touch of liquid bronzer to your foundation is another nice way to add a bit of color. Hope this helps!
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Thanks ladies - I will try a darker foundation and consider the long pixie cut - love the pic you posted chick!xx
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hi, i have they same issue, i have pale irish skin! i usally go for a medium shade it is usally able to cover my freakles and it creates a sort of flawless look, try going darker than usual, be adventurous. I cant really tell you what to do, i can only help you. So try out a few, may i recommend rimmel london match perfection shade 200. good luck xxx
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