What Colour Of Eye-Shadow Should I Use?

What colour of eye-shadow should i use?

I have blue eyes, and not sure what colour of eye-shadow I should use. Please help! :)
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I think that you should wear silvers and purples to bring out the blue in your eyes! If you want a classy look, you could also wear medium shades of gray or black with lots of mascara!
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I would use green,black,grey,purple, or anything dark.:}
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Browns, bronze, gold, copper, pinky/peachy browns.....All are stunning against blue eyes. Even deep greys.
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brown fits perfect to the blue eyes because of the contrast:)
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i use grey on mine too offset the blue. i love blue eyeshadow but when i wear it it kind of drowns them out. other than that just play around with colors at home and even take some photos so you can compare them yourself. have fun :
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