Natural hair + blue eyes *-*

What color makeup should i wear?

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well dark eye shadow liner maskara etc light glosss and lip stick for the lip stick no amount and the most gloss and for the glost the most for both
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I think purples would look great for your eyes. I would go a brighter shade for the lip and not do too much of the dark lip. Even a classic red would be nice.
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Neat!! ^^
I recommend:
Go with bronze, caramel cream eye shadow colours. They match your skin tone and provide a nice natural look. ^^
Lip: Dark pink or a splash or red would really spice up your look. Try a coral; I think that would also look pretty on you =) Matches the hair and stuff.

I recommend black mascara and eye liner to give the eyes more definition, make them appear larger.

A handy hint: White eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes will make your eyes appear brighter and more awake. ^^

Hope I've helped! ^^
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i deffently reccomend some purple eye shadows for your eyes
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I would recommend
Charcoal eyeliner, a shimmery bronzing powder & nude lipgloss.
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coral lips and blueish shadows. black liner and mascara.
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Bluey beauty
it seem like you would need a dark or black eye makeup. and how about light pink with lots of gloss
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Silvers, pinks, blues and plums would look nice on you and bring out your blue eyes.
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