what can i do about it

What can i do about it

Look at my pics and see my chin,and how wide it is,what caqn i do about making it slim with makeup,till i have a chance to have it reduced and made smaller? please answer this someone
and thank you very much
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Contour your face with bronzer! (:
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Easy fix! You would want to draw your attention and focus on another feature. You have a great shape eye and I would play them up instead of have such a bold color on the lip. Also bronze can be your best friend when wanting to create a shape to the face. Just start off little by little.
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If it bothers you I would consider drawing less attention to the area by using a softer lipstick - think dusty rose and nudes. By doing that you will really bring out your eyes. I would also consider playing up your cheekbones more. Don't change your chin; your perfect just as you are.
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Contouring with bronzer will help. You may also want to get a cut that comes in at the chin area to conceal its width.
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The YouTube has a lot of great contouring videos you could watch. Seeing it, is better than us explaining it to you. You will have to buy a contouring makeup brush and a darker powder-a bronzing powder will work, if you have one.
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