what can i do about it

What can i do about it

Look at my pics and see my chin,and how wide it is,what caqn i do about making it slim with makeup,till i have a chance to have it reduced and made smaller? please answer this someone
and thank you very much
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Contour your face with bronzer! (:
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Easy fix! You would want to draw your attention and focus on another feature. You have a great shape eye and I would play them up instead of have such a bold color on the lip. Also bronze can be your best friend when wanting to create a shape to the face. Just start off little by little.
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If it bothers you I would consider drawing less attention to the area by using a softer lipstick - think dusty rose and nudes. By doing that you will really bring out your eyes. I would also consider playing up your cheekbones more. Don't change your chin; your perfect just as you are.
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Contouring with bronzer will help. You may also want to get a cut that comes in at the chin area to conceal its width.
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Start with wearing clothes that do not accentuate or draw attention to your chin. Wear flattering v-necks instead of crew necks which draw attention to the chin. Wear small earrings instead of dangling ones. Small earrings draw the eyes upward and away from the chin.
As far as make up application the rule of thumb is to apply highlighter on areas you wish to accentuate and darker shades to areas you wish to decrease. Use your regular foundation and then apply a darker shade to the sides and underneath. Blend away any lines. Apply a lighter powder on your forehead and high cheekbones to draw more attention away from the chin.
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The YouTube has a lot of great contouring videos you could watch. Seeing it, is better than us explaining it to you. You will have to buy a contouring makeup brush and a darker powder-a bronzing powder will work, if you have one.
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