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What bridal makeup look will suit my face shape

I am getting married soon and i am looking for a high fashion makeup look that is glamorous but do not know what will suit my face shape and complexion? i am african. I enclosed a recent picture of me
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I too am from Africa( Nigeria to be exact) I work with brides of the same decent all the time. I would do the earthly tone, Golds, Browns, peaches, bronzes. for the lips i would keep the exact color you have on or a richer red. But besides that you would not need a lot of makeup. What state are u located in. If you are looking for a makeup artist I am available. I can also do the 2nd makeup for the traditional native attire. WWW/
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hey y'all thanks for the advice and the well wishes. I appreciate it.
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You have really beautiful skin. I'd keep it natural but play up your eyes with a little bit of liner for definition. Also, I really like that lip color and think it complements your skin tone perfectly.
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I think eyeshadow somewhere in the bronze and brownish range. I love your skin tone by the way. It's really even and beautiful. For the lips, I would go for a medium pink color. You are extremely beautiful and I hope your wedding goes well!
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well look, u r natrely gorgeous. U do not need al lot ov makeup 2 look beautiful at ur start though u hav dark eyes to begin with so that iz good 2 work with.dark eyeshadow and mascara will make ur eyes smokey and beautiful. for your lips, a brown or red lipstick lik u hav on will also be pretty.a dark plum would work 2 if u perfur that.a little bit ov blush in mabye a light pink would be good for ur face.other wise u need nothinfg else.cograts on ur wedding and who ever ur marring iz VERY lucky :)

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thanks alot Brianna, strawberry kiss and soozie. i love the looks. will try them out.
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Thanks to sdb1, Rory Gautsche, Lily and Ruby Denise. I will try all the looks you suggested and see which i like best. I will post pictures of the look i finally choose. You all put up really stunning looks. I am sooo excited to try them out.Thanks again for all your help.
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Congrats!!! Got the pics from and
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You are gorgeous! I would go for earthy tones consisting of browns, bronzes, salmons, gold and peaches. These colors will be soft yet enhancing to bring out and really show off your natural beauty. Line the eyes and make them the focal point so that when they lock with your hubby to be's they will be sure to leave a lasting impression.
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Congratulations! I actually really like your makeup in your photo. It's neutral with a punch of color.
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