what age is appropriate to wear makeup

What age is appropriate to wear makeup

what do you think. honestly i think any age but if their young like 8 or 10 and stuff it should be natural and as they get older they can start having all the bright colors what do you think?
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It's best to wear as least as possible and not very often foundation especially young girls, this will ruin the skin, but beginnig with 16 years everybody should cosider applying a cream suitable for their skin type(oily,dry,mixt,normal skin daily)
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I never wore makeup until about 8th grade, but I only wore a bit of mascara and a bit of gloss/tinted lip balm back then.
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I was a little late in joining the makeup game and didn't wear any until my junior prom. However, I had some friends start wearing it as early as 8th grade. I think that'd be the earliest that I would suggest, if that. And starting out, just keep things natural. And, make sure to take care of your skin!
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I think around 13 or so is ok for things like lip gloss...but as for the stuff that really makes the face look much different and more mature (dark eyeshadow, mascara, deep lipstick, etc.), I'd say that around 14 years and older is a better time.
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I feel like end of middle school is a more or less appropriate time with "light makeup" (lip gloss, tinted lip balm, some eyeshadow, blush, etc.)!
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It depends......I think 13-14 for some tinted moisturizer and light blush, maybe some mascara and tinted lip balm. Whatever your parents say! My daughter is 9 and she wears makeup for figure skating competitions. I let her wear fun stuff like lip gloss and glitter on the weekends, ( just for fun though). As long as it looks clean and appropriate, i think 13 is fine.
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14-15 years is a good age
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