Under eye darkness *Read Descripsion please*

Under eye darkness *read descripsion please*

All my life ive had bad under eye darkness i dont know if its bags from lack of sleep or bags but i just feel really ugly with them even my foundation or concealer wont budge it i get quite alot of sleep. If there is any technique i should be doing with my makeup or any advice on how to get rid of them?
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sometimes depends on the tone, if you have bluish under eyes- then you need to be using a pink based concealer(that doesnt mean its gotta be pink, just contains pink pigments) that will even them out.
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It sounds like the capillaries in your undereye area are leaking & pooling. You need to buy an undereye cream containing Vitamin K. That will rebuild the capillaries. Do some research and find one on Amazon.
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