Teenager Spots :(

Teenager spots :(

Well, i dont know how to cover up my spots.
I need help!!
Thanks :)
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use some good concessionary and ur done!
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Blemish Therapy from Bare Minerals is part treatment, part concealer.
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The Witch range do make up, which help get rid of spots while covering them up at the same time. I would suggest using this, as it's not a good idea to cover spots. To start with have clean skin and apply a moisturizer, then apply a primer that helps fight against spots. Apply concealer to your clean finger then dab/tap gently onto affected area. Apply foundation as usual then repeat a layer of concealer and power to seal everything.
Make sure you cleanse skin in the morning and before bed and after exercise and never leave make up on over night.
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Witch 2
Try using a Concealer. Its a dense form of regular foundation that is used to cover blemishes, dark spots, under eye circles and other imperfections. Concealers are available in different textures and coverages. I would start off little by little and adding to only the areas that are needed.
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