Summery makeup?

I want something that would go with the season and would compliment me. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and peaches-and-cream kind of skin. Any ideas?
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Pastel light eyeshadows are all really pretty and great for summer. If you're daring, go with a bright coral lip color!
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I'm not an expert but this is what I usually wear! Just a light eye shadow, black liner (or grey), and black mascara. You don't need to wear much since you are younger. If you wear too much, you'll look like you are trying to seem older. Wear some nude lip gloss or lip stick. You could even just wear chap stick with SPF in it. You should go as natural as possible in the summertime because you will be outside and you don't want your makeup to run so just go with something light. I like to use dark eye shadow as my liner because eye liner smudges on me. The eye shadow stays longer! I used my friend's picture because you guys have similar features and you and I look nothing alike so it wouldn't work as well. By the way you have REALLY pretty eyes!
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Try a light bronzer or Benetint "Sun Beam" for a natural glow. MAC "All That Glitters" eyeshadow would look great on you, (it's a peachy brown). Try Maybelline Baby Lips Tinted Lip Balm in Peach Kiss or get a sheer coral gloss for a pop of color!
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Do a light pink eyeshadow and a subtle red blush (I suggest Elf's Pretty in pink quad and Covergirl's blush in natrual rose) Hope it helps :)
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I would suggest a shimmery bronzing powder and a shiny, sparkly lipgloss.
Try www.bareminerals.com
It will stand up to the heat & sweat of Summer.
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