Smile with bracket?

I have a bracket and I really hate it. I'm so ashamed when I smile and I always smile with my mouth closed. What do you think?
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Smiling with your mouth closed is only going to draw attention to that part of your mouth, because when your skin stretches over the bracket (sounds weird, but you know what I mean), it'll look uber unnatural. And your brackets are totally fine! They're not that noticeable, and don't really draw any attention. So just smile! (:
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I think you look beautiful, the bracket is only for now, it's temporary(?). With or without it you're beautiful. People who smile with their mouth's closed always have the prettiest smile. And You Do! So smile pretty girl <3
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I totally understand. I had braces all through middle school and whenever I would smile, I would contort my lips so that they ended up covering my braces. In pictures, I ended up looking unhappy. I gave up smiling for three years and that was a mistake! I wish I had just smiled fully and freely and just accepted the fact that no one cares about my braces but me.
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I think your smile is just fine! I'm not exactly sure what a bracket is but Im staring at your profile trying to figure it out and no luck so I guess thats a good thing! Never be ashamed to smile for it only adds to ones beauty!
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You look cute! The bracket will come off with the braces, (I'm assuming) many kids have braces, your teeth will look lovely when they come off!
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i have braces to i totally understand..truth is don't b afraid just b u.. i think people look way to cute when they smile with their teeth but thats just my opinion. hope this helps:)
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