Since I'm two tone, how would I apply my foundation?

Since i'm two tone, how would i apply my foundation?

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I'm dark skin around my cheek-bones and light in my eyes and nose area. I use M-A-C.
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You can add a bit of liquid bronzer to your foundation to make it darker. Cargo makes a really nice liquid bronzer.....I add it to my foundation when I'm tanner. I'm not sure I'm answering your question two-tone do you mean you have some red? Can you forward us a picture? Just a little more information would be helpful!
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What are your your two tones? If one of them is red, you can neutralize with a golden or warm tone foundation. Another option would be to pick a neutral or beige foundation. It has both cool and warm undertones. Finally, one more option is to use a primer or concealer to cancel one of the undertones out. Usually that one is red for most people, so pick something light-reflecting or brightening. Some people opt for green or golden concealer (cancels out red) or a peach primer (brightening).
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