should i wear makeup

Should i wear makeup

iam in my late 40,s and never wear makeup but am getting married in august. i have heard that you can get a very natural looking makeup done, should i go for this or not bother....
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YES! Light and natural is all you need! Try a tinted moisturizer for a soft, light and natural look. NARS is my favorite! You could opt for a soft, pink blush or cheek stain. Use neutral colors for your eyes, dark brown liner and black mascara. A pinky/brown would look nice for your lips. @RubyDenise suggested airbrushing....That is a great option too, it would be nice for your special day!
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i think you should deffo go for it considering its your special day!
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You should definitely look into it :). There's a ton of great tutorials online on youtube, and it's always fun to experiment with different looks. Just be sure that the makeup you're wearing is something you test out beforehand!
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yeah, for sure go for it!
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You should. It's a great way to change up our look and add something to us.

I would recommend that you go to a cosmetic counter and have an artist do a make over on you. They can teach you how to apply the makeup also help you choose the right colors and product for you.

Lets us know how it goes!

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Why not? Make-up is for all ages! ;)
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