Should i wear foundation if my skin is even.

i wear lipstick and eyeshadow and what not but should i cover my face with foundation.
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Foundation can really ruin your skin especially if its an oil based , the oil free ones aren't as bad. If you really want to use something on your face i'd recommend tinted moisturizer or just some powder?
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Not necessarily.....you could try a lightweight tinted moisturizer or a sheer mineral powder such as BareMinerals or Neutrogena Sheer Mineral Powder Foundation. Wearing something light will help your blush or bronzer, (if you decide to wear any) adhere. Your skin is so beautiful, you don't need anything but if you do decide, start with something very light and natural.
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I started wearing makeup about a year ago (I'm 13) and I just wear mascara, eyeshadow and cover up for my daily thing. I think that foundation and lipstick is just a bit over the top for preteens. (correct me if Im wrong and your actually not a preteen. U just look around my age if not a bit younger)
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If I were you, I would just wear a thin layer of powder. Try
This will give your skin some protection from the sun/elements.
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your very pretty and kids around your age try to put on foundation thinking the more makeup i wear the pretier i`ll be and thats not true foundation is probly the worst because it cause the oils in your skin to get seelled in and cause pimples and nobody wants that so just use eyeliner little mascara and lip gloss
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I think for special occasions you could wear it but honestly im nearly 13 i started wearing make up around 10 ish and my skin is now starting to break out i wish i didnt start wearing it but i cant go out wihtout it on now so no dont start save it for parties btw your skin loooks fine how it is :) xoxo
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I think you shouldn't go with foundation,it's to much for your skin.Maybe you should go with gloss instead of lipstick,it's more natural.And I think you could wear an eyeliner instead of eye shadow,but add a little bit of mascara to frame your ice :)
xoxo Mirna <3
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no, but if you want to add a little colour to your face, use a minimal amount of pale bronzer or face powder to highlight the cheeks. I suggest that for a natural look, you should wear some brown/black mascara whenever you ear any makeup to frame the eyes. :) x
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