Should i throw away my lipstick?

Hi! I'm just getting over a cold and was wondering if I should throw away my lipstick and lip gloss I've been using while I was sick. I'm not sure what to do. I definitely don't wanna get sick again but I hate the thought of throwing away perfectly good makeup!! Please let me know what you think is best. Thanks <3
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If you rub off the top of the lipstick, there should be no germs in the rest of it. I've reused makeup after getting sick, and it's never affected me. Since your body has already fought off that sickness once, it will recognize those germs the second time and be able to exterminate them quickly so you don't end up getting sick.
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Good question! I've always wondered about this!
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nao,nao achoq eu vc vai ficar doente de novo por causa de um batom,eu nunca fiquei
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No, never. You are over your cold and you won't re-catch it from your lipstick.
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Don't throw it.just apply @RoryGautsche method and be positive.
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Thankfully, you don't have to! You'll be ok germ wise and your body has built up a bit of immunity now against the virus, so you should be good.
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Nah, don't throw it away. If your body has beat the virus, you're ok to go! :)
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No, you don't need to throw it away. Just shave off a little from the tip of the lipstick just like they do at makeup counters. I would just wipe the gloss applicator and you should be fine!
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