pretty looks

Pretty looks

i like this guy and i want to inpress him is their any looks that u go for to get a guy
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keep it mostly natural guys dont like a bunch of makeup keep it skin color or bronze with mascara. if your cheeks a liiitttle bit of color maybe add blush and if you want to do something with your lips a clear gloss or any chapstick would be fine <3
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Natural looks are usually the way forward! This allows the guy in question to see you in all your natural beauty, but with a little bit on enhancing.

Go for a tinted moisturiser & concealer if you need it, with a natural peach blusher for your face
Champagne coloured eye shadow, with a few coats of a lengthening mascara
Lipbalm for your lips.

Hope this helps!
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i don't know but I want too now thiss too soo answer peolplee!! ;d
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