Nose contouring?

I hate my nose, it's too wide and I really think it takes away from my face. I tried the darker shades technique but it didnt work wellfor me. I have a wider nose than most people so there method don't work for me. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! :)
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I must say you're very pretty. Your nose gives your face character. If you really don't like your nose, try to put focus on your gorgeous eyes.
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Nose contouring typically needs to be applied with highlight down the center of your nose as well.
RubyDenise posted images of Rihanna and yes she definitely has nose contouring but she also has highlight applied down the center of the nose in the middle of the contouring to appear less wide.
In addition, this is an illusion created with makeup and in person it will be almost unrecognizable. You will notice contour and highlight the most in pictures you take of yourself. Compare a before and after image of yourself to see if you can see a difference. Try it out a few times until your satisfied- you will learn a lot by experimenting.
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I agree completely with GoodFaith. I would kill for lips like yours by the way!
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When I look at you, the first thing I notice, is your beautiful eyes. I would play those up with some golden brown eyeshadow and maybe some fake lashes (MAC has some that are super fine-and look real). If you make your eyes appear bigger with some makeup tricks, it will put all your features into balance and nobody will be paying much attention to your nose.
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