Need advise? Fahion? Makeup? Hair? Skin? Nails? Im the girl to ask!

Need advise? fahion? makeup? hair? skin? nails? im the girl to ask!

i may no just about everything about all those topics....ask below and ill give you a great answer! you wont be wasting time.
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Thank you for helping me :)
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i swear you are a life saver :) THANK YOU!
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i think you have a rounded intervened triangle face shape. i really like the way its shaped, it is very unique. i love you cheeks, they have a very nice bone. you chin/jaw has very sharp edges which is a perfect match to your cheeks. i also like your natural brow line/ have almost a perfect color skin, there is some lighter parts,which is common. some people would cover that up, but it suits you well. to tame this get a foundation or powder that matches your darkest/most common face skin color...if that makes have a bright, lighten skin tone with a little warmth....its a great mixture.
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do you think you can help me with color analysis?
Like my hue, undertone, and chroma? My season basically.
Also, what is my face shape? What are my best features Are my features considered strong or soft? delicate or sharp?
Thank you soo much :)!
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natural briana
briana gurl
i did some research on laura mercier line: my thoughts are...its expensive. it may be a good line. but my thoughts of beauty is for it to be good for your skin/you liking it, and to fit the budget. i use stuff from CVS/ walmart and it works great and low budget. i want my readers to have great style and beauty tips , but not for alot of money. but if you do like laura mercier i will give you some advise on it. it is a great line, i suggest people to use it, its a good. its not as expensive as other lines but its pretty up there. if you can afford it, then use it :)
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ways to look taller: if your short, finding clothes to make you look long and lean is difficult! for me, I'm tall so i don't have a problem with this but here's some tips ;)
1.) a maxi skirt with a hem that hits the floor lengthens your entire frame. where high heels under and the skirt completely hinds the heels. it also makes you look longer. find cute designs.
2.) skinny jeans plus sexy heels will give your legs amazing length. jeans that hug your shape from hips to heels while they heels give you a flirty boost of height.
3.) short shorts with an oversize top makes it look like your legs can go on forever. it would go good with some sexy boots/sneakers
4.) a long cardigan. this gives you an illusion of a taller torso.
5.) dramatic scarf. a long knotted scarf draws the eye up and down, it makes you look taller. also works with a stunning long necklace.
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I have alot of questions
Is laura mercier really the best professional line for face makeup such as foundation concealor and powders?
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Hi! I (Not here on Taaz) always have problems with what i am going to wear... Do you have some tips about clothes that look good on a small girl? I'm 1,60 meters (5.19 feet, 62,99 inch). Do you know how I can look taller, without high heels? Í'm 15 years old by the way...!
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