My make-up keeps going streaky and patchy.....

My make-up keeps going streaky and patchy.....

I use benefit pore professional cream as a base, then "benefit some kind-a gorgeous" foundation pallet, then a matte powder to stop my face looking shiny and bronzer on cheek bones. (Plus eye make-up etc) But in natural light it looks like its not rubbed in properly, you can see lines of the foundation streaks.

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Use a foundation primer after the Pore Professional Cream. I really like Laura Gellar "Spackle". Have you tried using a foundation brush or sponge to spread the foundation more evenly? Are you using a lightweight moisturizer too? Try a face scrub a few times per week to keep skin exfoliated and smooth....this should help keep your skin smooth and even. Hope this helps!
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I think you might be using too many different products all at one time and they are like interacting with each other. You def need to be cleansing your face beforehand and then putting on a primer. I just use the Stila Stay all day 10-in-1 Beauty Balm. It works like a charm. Forget the powder, don't really need it because the primer should keep the oil under control. Try this and see if it works for you. Also get some oil blotting paper and use them thru the day.
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ur probably not using the right shade for ur skin
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You need to be exfoliating your face every 2-3 days and putting on a PRIMER( Anti-Shine Foundation Primer, is a good one) & letting it set for a few minutes, before applying your makeup. Don't use any type of cream before putting on your makeup, that will just cause streaking.
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