My hair and my face ( want change)


Do you have any good tips
how I should do my makeup and any hair color that would suit me good
I want to do something new`?=)

btw ( no makeup on this picture )
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You're really pretty if there's no makeup in this photo! Lucky (: If you want to do something new, I'd say add some highlights in your hair- golden blonde streaks are safe yet playful. For eyes, change it up with a daring blue or violet eyeshadow. You can experiment with various colors on lips, but definitely try a dark coral lipstain.
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I love your hair color in this photo and you have a fantastic complexion! If you're wanting something different, I would say add some definition to your eyes with a great eyeliner and mascara. Try a bright lip hue like coral or crimson. I don't have any suggestions for a hair color change, though, because I love it the way it is.
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You have such a beautiful rosy complexion-like a little girl-lucky you. I would recommend
It's very light/ sheer and it will give you some protection from the harsh summer sun. For your lips, I would recommend a mocha lipgloss. For eyeshadow, a golden brown. Navy mascara.
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As for the hair, I think a nice neutral caramel shade would look great and really flatter your skin tone. You could probably cut a couple inches off the length just to clean it up a tad and remove any dead or splitting ends. I think a side bangs would really suit you while adding some style surrounding the face. I would go on the longer side starting right below the eyes and connected down to your new ends to create face framing layers. A layered look will really remove any excess weight or bulk and allow the hair to fall a lot lighter in perfect time for the hotter months to come. Ps. You looks great without makeup!!!
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Wow! Your hair is very beautiful. loved
This photo is my choice
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