My face makeup

My face makeup

I have a lot of acnes on my face. So i was wondering what make up can i use to hide them only a little bit. When i put my makeup they only look bigger.What i need to do? HELP?
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I think you should definetly focus on improving your skin rather than covering although there are foundations that really do cover everything they are usually oil based which is usually what people with spots should avoid as they make the skin much worse. But if your stuck i found the max factor pan stick amazing it looks radiant and covers well without making my skin break out, the best coverage foundation i have ever encountered was illamasqua rich liquid , you won't even believe it, it covers everything, but i woudnt recommend that as it made my face break out after one use and it dried my skin out really badly. Also i think concealer would be more important than foundation , a thick concealer although it might feel heavy on your skin does cover best for a quick fix. As for skin care try not to wash your face too much , go to the doctors maybe? , a facial steamer works amazing for me, witch hazel and tooth paste also work well. Try not to use too many chemicals on your face s they can dry your skin out.
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I would first try to focus on skin care! That will help out with not only the acne but also the look of your makeup! Also less is more! Try Bare Minerals, I like the payoff of the look for all skin types with their makeup.
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i use, max factor creamy miricle, creamy ivory 04, its something like that anyway.. it about £13 but its really worth it, your skin looks so much better after a few uses, and it dosent give you spots, you could also just to wear make-up for a week, that also helps the spots to go, really easily:)
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Bare Escentuals covers blemishes really well.
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Washing your face a lot first, with products for your skin type, then use bareminerals. I wear bareminerals when I get bad breakouts and it covers it up really nice. (: Also, I'd recommend not picking. I used to think I had bad skin because I picked it a lot, and when I stopped it looked much better! (:
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there is something that i think nuetrogena came out with and it actually helps fight breakouts. for the acne i would recommend peroxyl4. you can get at your local drugstore and it drys out the pores. the reason for the acne has to do with the amount of oil that is on your skin. try to avoid face to hand contact. the peroxyl4 can be bought in a body wash. so you just use it like a face wash. i use to have spots on my face and a little backne becasue i play a lot of sports and it took it away within a month. im not sayin it will work that fast tho for you but it cant hurt. one of the worst things you can do tho is clog the pores with make up and or scrub your face, or pick at them. this causes the acne to become irritated and makes it irritated and red. i'd recommend a light powder.
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You need to be washing your face three times a day & then wiping your face with Witch Hazel. I would recommend
This will help your face breathe under the makeup. With a powder foundation, you gain coverage thru layering.
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The best way is to remove ur acne forever! even i had acne which i was successful in removing . Simply use saslic acid face washes ( first recommend the doctor about it) and boil neem leaves in hot water and then the juice which comes out ........ make ice of it and apply it to ur face ( keep away from eyes and mouth)
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