My daughter wants makeup!?

my 10 year old Daughter, Gertrude, tried to convince me to let her where makeup! what do i say??? now that Gertrude wants make-up, so does Trudy May, my 5 year old daughter
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ive been wearing make-up since year3!!!!!!!! allow man shes so safe allow it
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say ok let her wear some shes old enough 2!!!!
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I think you should try and have a talk with her and explain to her that makeup harms your skin if used to early on in life. I think it would be fine to wear lipgloss and little things like that but definitely not mascara, eyeliner or foundations or eye shadows. My parents didn't let me wear makeup until I was 15 and I'm really great full for that because I'm not attached to it like other girls who wear it everyday and look 10 years older without it. I use it for special occasions and get alot of compliments that I wouldn't get if I wore makeup everyday.
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My daughter is almost 10 and I think it's too young for makeup. I do let her wear lip balm and some tinted lip gloss. She likes to put a little darker, sparkly gloss on for birthday parties and just for fun....all totally ok. She wears lots of makeup for skating competitions but elementary school is too young for makeup. Maybe let her wear a tinted lip balm like Maybelline Baby will keep her lips soft and add a touch of color. Trudy May needs to play with Barbie makeup and that's it! LOL!
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Say, my darling girls you are so beautiful as you are. But if they want to play dress up, I say that's ok and just have fun with makeup. Or, if you want to get them like a cute little Chapstick or Bonne Bell gloss, that's probably harmless.
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