My boyfriend is going to dress up as a woman,he wants me to ask

he was going to dress up this year but didnt,im no makeup artist so he wants me to ask here for advise,and maybe some help
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The makeover tool is a fun and effective way to experiment with different looks as well as techniques to get the right look for you specifically. You can post a few of your favorites for us to vote, or even put up a picture of your bf and ask fellow taazies for them to make it over. This way you can see what others think is suiting. It would actually be beneficial for you to give it a shot though as you really can pick up placement and color options.
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I don't have any advice other than to submit a picture to TAAZ and play around with the options as I and countless others do. He won't be the only male to be part of the TAAZ community, as of course there are others, including myself.

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do a priscilla queen of the desert :D haha if you dont know it... Look it Up and Laugh ur ass off man
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