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Makeup help - asap!

Basically - I've brought this gorgeous dress from Pilot and I'm taking my boyfriend out for dinner TONIGHT. I've just realised I don't know what to do about make up. Shoes and accessories are sorted - but my make up?!
Foundation and blusher sorted.
Do I go dark eyes? And neutral lips?
Neutral eyes and coloured lips.
The dress is black and white striped, really simple and rather gorgeous. I'm going with neutral tights and black shoes. HELP ME. I'M GOING OUT TONIGHT...AND I NEED ADVICE ASAP!!!!!!!!!
I love you all dearly <3 Thank you! xxxxxxxxxx
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Guys thank you so so much! :D I did simple eyes and blood red lips :P <3 My boyfriend's response was "Holy Sweet Jesus Mother Of look beautiful!" hehe :P <3 oh and @strawberry_kissesxo
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Ok what is Pilot, and where can I go for that dress! Super cute! I would do jet black eyeliner and red lips! That would look sexy and chic!
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That dress IS gorgeous! :) I'd say go neutral eyes, lots of mascara and dark pink or coral lips for some color.
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Since it's shortly after Valentine's day I would go for red lipstick and a simple eye. Black eyeliner and masara and a shimmery gold/neutral color shadow. The dress is black and white so the red lipstick would look fabulous! have a rest evening!
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So since your short on time i'm gonna give you something easy. try to do a edgy way of doing your eyeliner it's easier this way with a liquid liner. then since your liner is very standout don't put on anymore eye shadow on your eye lids. then for lipstick try a very red color it will definitively pop. you can't just wear black and white so if you add this red pop color it will really match your hair and look amazing. and for foundation just do the color that best matches your skin. Garanteed this will all look great with your dress with your skin and hair in mind.
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