Make-up that looks like your not wearing make-up?!?

Make-up that looks like your not wearing make-up?!?

basically, im not allowed to wear makeup at my school. I'm not confident but when i wear makeup i am?? what make-up could i wear that brings out my natural beauty without going OTT (i cant risk it) xx
Oh and btw i have uniform so dont put answers to do with clothes.xx
THANKS :) xx
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Thankyoouu guys this rlly helped alot xxx <3 xxx
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Instead of foundation, stick to tinted moisturizers and use concealer on problem areas. Try to stay away from eyeliner and eyeshadow, and if you have to, try using a non-clump mascara and ONLY use one sweep. For lips and cheeks, use a tint.
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Try Neutrogena Sheer Minerals Powder Foundation for a natural, light finish. Add a cheek stain like Bentint or a touch of blush, (Maybelline Dream Bouncy is nice and sheer). Maybelline Baby Lips lip tints are perfect. These products will not make you look "made-up" but will just give you a nice, natural, flawless finish.
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Mineralized powder from MAC it's a natural and flawless finish!
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You could wear a lipgloss with just a little color to it, similar to your lips or a tinted chapstick. You could wear a tinted sunscreen on your face. This will cover any inperfections and dark circles, plus it will protect your skin from the sun. You could rub a little vaseline into your eyelashes, to make them appear shinier and darker.
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i remember having the same dilemma as u!!
well i think go for a light coverage dewy foundation- u can pass it off as moisturizer:) u can add concealer if u need it- but make sure u blend properly. and u can curl ur lashes if u dont want to risk mascara:D
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