Make up for 65 year old women

Make up for 65 year old women

What products can a woman of 65 wear
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I am a 65 year old woman and I wear very little makeup everyday. On days that I wear nothing, I try to let my skin breath. I use a primer because I have semi oily skin and it keeps the shine down. I wear primer, a light touch of concealer around my nose for the redness and under the eyes and a bit on the lid, I also have some red spot that I conceal lightly.. I apply translucent power very lightly on the places I have concealer. My choice of blush and lipstick is a medium pink because I have blond hair. My eyes are green, so I try to stick with neutral matte shadows. I use a light hand. I think heavy makeup on an older woman makes her look older and dated. Thank you!
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I'm almost 65, so have experienced the downside of too much makeup. Rather than foundation, try YBF's Neutralizing Face Primer. It color corrects and fill in the lines and wrinkles. Lasts all day. YBF's neutralizing concealer works for under eyes and brown spots. Use light blush to add color.
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Foundation primer also helps to fill in any fine lines/wrinkles to create a smooth canvas prior to applying your foundation. I would recommend Terry Hyaluronic Acid Face Glow Primer :) It also keeps your makeup on all day, so you don't have to touch up! Also, hyaluronic acid helps your skin to retain moisture and smooth out your skin. Don't worry it's not your typical acid that you use for exfoliation.

Also, wear light to medium shades for eye shadows. Make sure that they are matte. Otherwise, the shimmery ones will make wrinkles on eyes more noticeable.
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I agree entirely with @BrianaEHernandez that less is better. I think cream blush over powder is better, it looks more natural and is more moisturizing to the skin. Shimmery eyeshadows draw too much attention, I would stick with neutral matte colors. Estee Lauder makes a fabulous foundation called Futurist that would be nice for your skin. As always, keep skin well moisturized! Hope this helps a bit!
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I tend to find that when it comes to matured skin, less is more! A good rule of thumb is to stay away from anything shimmery. Some foundations tend to have a shimmer or luminescent dust in them. These will settle in fine lines or wrinkles and allow them to be more visible. Try to stick to the matte product as well as a good skin care regimen for added glow.
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check out this tutorial :
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In her 70's

Brown eyes, dry light skin, darkest brown short wavy hair
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