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My friend has a similar face to the model I began with, except the model had darker hair, eyes, etc. My friend is blonde with blue eyes, but has the same face as I mentioned earlier. She has to cater at a wedding next month, and I was helping her with her looks. Would this look nice on her, and with a blue lacy dress? Thanks:D
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I like the way you incorporated blue into the makeup however, I think it should be as thin as possible since it is a brighter shade, less is more in this case especially because it will reflect off the dress as well. What a good friend you are!
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If she has blue eyes like the picture, I would stay away from too much blue shadow/liner. I think gold or bronze shadow with black liner would look good. You can always add a touch of blue in the crease if she really wants blue. If you do that, I would suggest a silvery grey eyeshadow. The lip color is pretty if you use more neutral eye colors. Focus on either the eyes or lips but not both. You don't want to use to much "color" or she may look like a Barbie!
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