Is it ok to use the brushes that come with blush & eye-shadow kits or should u buy separate brushes?

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Of course! There's are no rules in makeup. It's all based on how you would like to apply your makeup. Some brushes apply better than others.
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They usually aren't the best quality so I always like having my good set that I can clean and reuse no matter what comes included. I think a private collection of good brushes are essential!
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The brushes that come with kits typically aren't the best quality of brush. Which means it may be more difficult to blend out your products, have an even consistency and even have a hard time applying the makeup.
I would recommend trying to invest in a few good makeup brushes. This will save you time and money in the end.
Brushes are extremely important to get specific looks to your makeup and can even help take your current look and improve it dramatically.
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They are ok to use but it's hard to get the coverage with the size of the brushes. You can purchase pretty inexpensive brushes from places like Ulta and Target. Sonia Kashiuk from Target makes great ones. I would recommend starting with a blush brush, all over shading brush for the eyes and a contour eye brush. That's a great start!
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I use them once in awhile, but I like makeup brushes bought separately because they seem to give better coverage. You can buy inexpensive sets at CVS or Target.
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It’s okay to use them, but usually they don’t work well. I have one good brush that I use for eyeshadow. Unless you are really into makeup, you don’t really need many brushes. Just one or two good ones that you can clean.
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While having your own set of pro-caliber tools is key to creating flawless makeup effects, the little guys that come tucked in with products aren't worthless. For example, while it's not ideal to apply blush with the brush that comes in the packaging (the results tend to be too streaky), that same tool could be used to sweep translucent shadow across your lids. And although picky pros recommend you swap packaged eye-shadow swabs for larger natural-bristle brushes, we think they're perfectly fine as long as you blend the shadow with your fingertips after you sweep it on. You can also use the tip of a sponge eye-shadow applicator to line your eyes or dab on concealer. One investment we recommend everyone make: a natural or soft synthetic bristle makeup brush that you can use for loose powder and blush. You need to distribute those products really well, and nothing gets the job done like a big brush.
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