Is green my colour?

In an over-exaggerated fashion make up kind of way?
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You could add a "splash" of the green mixed with some bronze or gold shadow. I would stay away from the green lips except for maybe St. Patrick's Day!
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It looks good on you, but I think you can also use other colors to enhance and bring out the intensity of your eye color. Try rich dark browns or reddish bronze!
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Not trying to be mean but not at all honey. The trick to finding your color is to find the shades opposite to your eye color on the color wheel. Contrasting colors will always look best as they will make your eyes pop. Browns, beige's, coppers all will look great. Instead of black eyeliner, a chocolate brown will really make green eyes pop. Avoid blues, or anything with blue undertones, silver, and pink...Some may look gorgeous with pink on green eyes but on other it will look awful. It will take a few tries to figure it out. It can be tricky because it can come off looking sickly or like you just have red eyes from being tired...Purples can work nicely with green as well but on some it won't work.

A general rule for green eyes is always go for warm tones as opposed to cool.

Green on green eyes can be pulled off sometimes, but rarely does it look good. See the image below for an example off how it looks when done right.
If I were you I would stick with warm tones as stated above an avoid green altogether.
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Tyra Green Eyes
Rihanna Purple Peepers
Bronze Shadow on Green Eyes
Green on green...
It's okay, I think a different color would look better. But, you're still rocking the green!!!
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umm i think u are wearing WAY too much green! but i think it would look nice on u. and ya u shouldnt wear the same eye shadow colour as your eyes.
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It looks beautiful on you!!!! How did you get green lips though?
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i dont think its your color, my grandma once told me 2 never put the same color eyeshadow thats your eyes color is not to be mean
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