Is bare minerals better than mac overall?

My sister uses Mac,And it's very cakey.The Foundation is like red and pink and won't match your skin.I use Bare Minerals Now and i really love it.Yes,There are steps but it's perfect for both skin types.Dry skin and oliy skin.
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There's so many different types of foundation from both brands that I feel like it's hard to say one is better than the other. Depending on what you use, MAC can definitely be light and NOT cakey at all (for instance, MAC Face and Body is extremely sheer and wears like a tinted moisturizers). You just have to try it out for yourself to see. Try asking for samples when you're at the MAC store.
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Honestly, it really depends on the person and her skincare/makeup preferences and routine. MAC looks fantastic on, but it is typically fuller coverage meaning you have to take the time to really get it all off at night. Otherwise, that's when people start to break out and so forth. The bright side to Bare Minerals is the Get Started Kit and the price point. Plus, the look is very natural; however, you can also achieve fuller coverage based on the products that you use. Bottom line - they're both great for different occasions, looks and people. Application and brushes are important tools as well!
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I wouldn't say one is better then the other. Everyone has their preferences on what foundation works for them.
There are so many brands that have several different types of foundation in their line. Explore different brands if you really want to find the perfect foundation.
Try to pay attention to the feel of the different foundations, observe how it looks on the skin.
Foundation should not look like a mask on your face; it should blend in with your skin enhancing your beauty. If your not 100% satisfied or at least close- keep exploring. It will only make you more knowledgeable about different brands and make YOU more "makeup savvy".
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