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In your own opinion, what do i need to do to makde myself look better?

hair change, make up wise, everything.. helppppppp
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Well first of all you need to smile. Smiling makes people look soo pretty. Second try lighten your hair up a bit.
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As for your hair, I think a nice side fringe would look great!
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Smile! maybe some waves in you're hair, and either a pink blush or bronzer and a pink gloss to match
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Nothing. You are beautiful as you are and don't let anyone tell you differently.
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i absolutely love your beautiful thick hair! your are gorgeous but a tip or two might boost your self asteem :) you have almond shaped eyes and you might try taking black eyeliner to go under the top of the eyelashes instead of above them and lightly above your lashes at the bottom. this makes your eyes look sharper and draw attention towards your eyes. then take a darker tone of violetes or blues in the crease of your eye. these colors make brown eyes POP!!! lemme know if you need any more tips im always cyber-helping :)
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You are beautiful....great skin and pretty eyes! Try a touch of bronzer and a pinky brown lip gloss. Benetint "Sun Beam" would add a perfect glow to your flawless complexion. I like your hair color....some soft, beachy waves would look amazing!
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awesome! thank you girls! I will most def. be trying those ideas :) I just wanna spice it up a bit. I'm not really a big makeup wear-er? haha. I'm always the one taking the photos. But I have an assistant wanting to take MY pictures.haha
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You are already a beautiful girl. You have radiant skin. I would suggest a clear hair glaze to make your hair super shiny (you can buy one at the drugstore or have it done at the salon) and a bright lipgloss to really brighten up your face. Try one of the trendy side bangs-I think it would look great on you.
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In her 20's from alabama

Dark brown eyes, combination light skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) curly hair
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