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I'm looking for suggestions for wedding makeup and hair.

Hi, I'm putting together my whole look for my wedding and I'm looking for tips and suggestions. I'm considering all options for eye shadow color, amount and color of blush, color for lips and whether to go with gloss or lipstick.

I'm also thinking about my hair. Will most likely go with some sort of updo.

All suggestions are welcome

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@RosalieCavanaugh...Thank you. I do like both the hair and makeup you suggested. I think I may go with a slightly lighter tone of blush and on my lips, but I like the look overall.
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I think Diane Kruger's hairstyle with Audrina Patridge's makeup would look good.
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Diane Kruger
Audrina Patridge
Thanks for the tip Sibuna.
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A Side Braid would be cute! Also A Fishtail Braid. :)
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@BrianaEHernandez....Thanks, I do think I'll go with a pale pink gloss and some bronzer on my cheekbones. I've been leaning towards brown shades for my eyes and I'll see how some lavender works also.
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@jessica180897...Thanks, I like your first and third hair suggestions and first and fourth makeup suggestions a lot.
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You are so naturally beautiful! As for the makeup I would keep it fresh and simple to really let your natural beauty show through. I would go for a rosy blush on the apples of the cheeks while contouring the cheek bones with bronzer. A pale light pink for the lips would be pretty against your skin tone and I think a lipstick and gloss as well are just fine to use together to really enhance the color. For the eyes a soft smokey look done with brown, lavender, pink or soft grey would really accent the eyes well. Just make sure to remember less is more as you want to create a innocent finish rather than a more severe party smokey eye. As far as the undo goes, I would keep it loose and romantic. Nothing too sleek or tight. This creates a very angelic effect and will continue the softness that your make up provides. If you don't want everything pulled back, you can always leave some pieces out in the front to create a more messy effect. implementing a lose braise is very pretty and regal looking at the same time.
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your makeup..l really love your are a beautiful girl ..your eyes and ur smile are perfect..l will suggest you this makeups..simple and beautiful..
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first congratulations!!!! now l can suggest you these hairstyless...
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@RubyDenise...Thanks hun, I'm definitely planning on going soft on the makeup. I was thinking about light browns for the eye shadow, but I'm really not sure. I was also considering a white to gold faded eye shadow. I'd like to try pale pinks, but i don't think they show up that well on me because of my skin tone. I'll have to look into having my makeup airbrushed.

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