im 11  is it ok for me to wear a cat's eye look?

Im 11 is it ok for me to wear a cat's eye look?

my mom said that i should put that much eyeliner on and i know i did it right.
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Do not wear cat eye make up, you're too young for that
If you absolutely have to wear makeup, keep it with just some mascara, blush and lip gloss
believe me that is more than enough!
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11 is OKAY for make-up . But i don't think you should go for heavy & complicated looks for your age . Maybe pearly , light make-up ? Cat eyes are really heavy eye makeup . I suggest you go for something light to suit your age (:
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I think 11 is too young for the cat eye look unless it's for a special event, (dance competition, etc....) or for a special event. However, that's up to you and your mom!
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Well not to offend you but i say no. I would enjoy not having to wear makeup before you have to. Being young is a blessing so enjoy it while u have it.:)
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Save a look like this for Halloween. At your age, you should be focusing on school, friends & family-find a hobby you enjoy. You will have plenty of time for this, when you're older. You do not want to "sexualize" yourself before your time & start attracting the wrong kind of attention. If you're interested in wearing makeup, maybe you & your mom can go shopping and pick out a nice lipgloss for you to wear. Make it a "mom & daughter" day- get your toes done and then go for lunch.
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I think you will be taking away from your natural beauty wearing a cat eye at 11yrs old. Enjoy not having to wear makeup while you can sweetheart!
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I think the cat's eye look is too severe,especially for a girl in your age group. I think taking care of your skin is more important like proper cleaning, moisturizing and wearing suncreen. If you must wear makeup, then I think a very light foundation and lipgloss and maybe a very soft pink or mauve very lightly done if you are going somewhere special. For everyday I would just stick to lipgloss and a soft pink foundation. Have fun!
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