If anyone could help me design the make-up?

I have a request I am a novice drag queen if anyone could help me design the makeup for me? Advance thank you very much for your help.
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I've never really understood why men dress up as drag queens...? Are u wanting to be a woman or is it an entertainment thing...? I'm only 12 soooo I'm not exactly sure. Sorry I can't design a makeover from my phone.
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If anyone still had any suggestions, please feel free throw :)
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PS. This first version is phenomenal! and probably the best fit for me;)
I only shadows under the eyes and is suuper
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@Stephcr: Wonderful! You are brilliant! It came out great, but if you could add to the first three positions shadows on the eyelids? I would also like the version with blond hair ..
He wants as many projects that make up pass wizażystcce who exactly will do :)
The effect is attached as soon as ready.
Thank you again, *
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@KAYCEEMAREE : Thank you :) I would like my full lips would be used to strongly emphasize the most intense red to black hair and beautiful pink hair blond. The eyelids blue, purple, or black with a clear emphasis, or according to your discretion .. Advance thank you all for your help
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@Stephcr: This is what exactly I meant for processing the images.
Only the long black hair or blond
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Sorry the picture is a little grainy - I think you look better with red hair over black. You have great full lips so I would play them up with a bold colour. Use a good mascara to really open your eyes up too.
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Thanks to you, but I meant it more for you to propose me any motives makeup on my face ... I would ask for as many proposals. I like spicy makeup with red to black long hair, and makeup for blonde barbie type ..
Thank you in advance for your help. greet.
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Thanks, but I meant for your suggestions regarding my photos ... any of you could do makeup on my face that I enclosed pictures? I'll be very grateful for some suggestions. greet
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The MAC counters offer free complete makeovers with purchase.
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