My Chane Lipstick! In Baby Pink

I need your help!!

Hey, I've got a party coming up and I went out and bought some gold glittery eyeshadow (M.A.C Ofcourse) but I dont know know what colour lips would go well, and wouldnt clash. I was thinking Chanel in Rose Pink but,, I'm open to everyones opinion. ! THANKS! <3
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Depends on how you wear the gold! If you're pairing it with smoky eyes, your best bet is to go with a nude or neutral color. However, if you're using gold eyeshadow sparingly, I think the Chanel lip color would be nice!
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Dark red I say
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I Would go with a Nice Glittery Orange or Peach To Match The Gold!!!
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that pink would be perfect!
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I think that a nude lip would be nice because you don't want to take the attention away from your dramatic eyes. a brighter lip would just be too much
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i think you should go by your opinion and be yourself dont care what other people think as long as you know whats right for you.
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if u want to go by peoples opinion i would say shiny silver
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Depends on your coloring! If you have warm undertones, I would go with a peach or warm color. Since you chose rose pink, I assume you must have cool undertones. I think I would go with something a little deeper than the light pink shown...otherwise I would do a champagne gloss over it. Smile big and have fun!
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