I have very odd colour eyes, what eye shadow colour would you suggest?

One eye is grey with green/blue hues to it depending on weather, the other is the same only 1 quarter hazel. Which colours would bring all these colours out. Seeing as I have very unusual eyes I would like to make the most of them.
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I think deep blue and purple shades would be perfect on your eyes! Maybe dark brown with a little bit of shimmer could be great too.
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colorful i think it will be perfect on you like this pics :)
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I agree with @MonLovesMakeup about the smokey eye look, only I think different shade of deep blue would look awesome with your eyes. I love your eyes!
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Your eyes are so pretty and unique! I really think a soft golden eye shadow or different shades of gray for a smokey eye look would look great with the colors in your eyes.
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