I have felt recently that my look is old, and lacking wat should i try thats fun and trendy?

Hey, im 25 and feeling like my look is frumpy or boring. I have very pale skin and really don't like it at all, i was thinking of tanning so im a little darker, what would be your suggestion for a fun trendy spring look including makeup and hair?
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I would add lots of choppy layers begging at the high cheekbone area to hep add movement, body and volume. Blow dry after applying volumizing gel and a small amount of serum for frizz elimination. Once fully dry use a large barrel curling iron and curl entire head using medium sections. This will help to bring out all your new layers and style. Especially because of your darker underneath color, your definitions of tone will look great all mixed into big large waves. Make sure to post pics of your new do!
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I'm so excited to see this question because I to like to change my hair and makeup look. There are so many small steps you can take to make you feel like a "new you".
I think getting a spray tan is a great idea to feel a little change to your look. It will make your eyes brighter and enhance your complexion.
If you want to add another change for a fun trendy look try a bright new lipstick. Try Nars, Makeup Forever for something that is bold and bright! (Try a red-orange lipstick opposed to a blue undertone red for spring)
Also, try to brighten your complecion by using a slightly lighter shade of concealer under the eye and up above the cheek bone. One other fun trendy product is colored mascara. I am absolutely in love with specifically YSL VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS #4. It's just dark enough to go unnoticed but you'll get a TON of compliments once people see it's purple AND it will look awesome with your eyes!
Your hair is definitely a beautiful color- you can try adding a few "beach waves". Try any 1" -1 1/2" curling iron to do this (you will have to hold the handle up while curling hair) and hold the barrel upside down. Wrap your hair around the barrel and hold for about 10 seconds. Do in small sections and follow with hairspray and then let the curls settle for loose waves.
If you want something more dramatic try some natural looking highlights. Try to find a good recommendation from a friend if your in need of a new Hair Stylist.
Excited for your new Spring Trendy look!

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Try Clarins self-tanner for the face for a natural glow. The Versa Sprays are nice too. Your eyes are so pretty....try some lavenders and purples for Spring! Keep your cheeks bronzed with a highlighter such as Benefit "Sun Beam". A sheer lip tint is all you need. You would look good in Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Tint. For your hair, try to brighten up your blonde....I attached a picture of a color that would look great on you! You're so pretty, you look like your 18!
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I love your skin and hair. I would advise using a bronzer or very light tan like the wipe on one. maybe some loose waves or curls in your hair I think the color is beautiful
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I think your beautiful the way you are but i think you would look daring with a jet black angled bob because ur blue eyes would pop so much if you want to keep it long gwt several layers
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go 2 ur hairdressers and ask for a change,, and maybe dye ur hair ,,maybe a chocolate brown color,, thatll make ur pretty eyes look just beautiful:) good luck anyway.
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I agree with @RubyDenise, I think lighter streaks and layers would look amazing on you! Your skin is amazing! I would advice against the tanning bed, try a sunless tanner instead =)
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