I have deep-set eyes. what i should do to conceal it?

My deep-set eyes make me too gloomy. It's not a really huge problem, but it bothers me.
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I have dark circles under my eyes and when they get really dark I just take some silver shimmery eye shadow and brush it under my eyes and blend it in. It really brightens your eyes and work the same as a highlighter but you can probably find it a little cheaper.
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I think they're very pretty. Try avoiding jet black liner and go with a smokey brown or bronze liner. You could use some white liner on the inner rims and try some lighter eye shadow colors like champagne and gold. An under eye "highlighter" would brighten your eyes up too.....Smashbox makes a great one. Hope this helps!
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Thx you very much!!)
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Your eyes are beautiful. If you want to bring them out then apply concealer to lighten the darker shadows around your eyes. Then use a lighter shadow over the entire lid all the way up to the brow bone and smudge some if it in the inner corner of your eyes. Then begin at the center of your lid and apply a darker shade. use your brush and work it out to the edge but do not go past your eyebrow line. Now apply a darker shade to the outer part of the lid. Blend the two shades together up and into the crease of the eyelid. Finish up with eyeliner and mascara BUT only use the liner where you used the shadow. Starting in the middle of the lid to the outer edge.
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