I have dark circles under my eyes?

I have dark circles under my eyes?

I have no experience with under eye makeup because I have always worn make-up but I'm getting contacts soon. So what should I do?
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Benefit Erase Paste

A creamy, all-in-one concealer AND brightener, Benefit Erase Paste is a peachy pink-toned concealer with a touch of shimmer. I’ve tried it before and didn’t feel like it had enough coverage for me..

its very useful and cheap!!
so say bye bye to your dark circle and welcome all new you! :D
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Dark under-eye circles fall into one of several categories.

1) Allergies. You will know this is it, if you're rubbing your eyes a lot. You need to see your Doctor for an allergy prescription.

2) Genetic. Do other people in your family have them? Take your index finger and press down under your eye for 10 seconds. If it's still as dark as it was before, this is what the cause is. This needs to be treated with an undereye cream containing kojic acid or arbutin. These ingredients are safe, natural skin lighteners.

3) Leaking capillaries; & the blood has started to oxidize. Look at your undereye circles under good lighting. If it looks more similar to the coloring of a bruise, then this is what's causing it. Look for an undereye cream containing vitamin K. Vitamin K will repair the capillaries over time.
In the meantime, a really excellent concealer can be purchased at:
www.itcosmetics.com (ByeBye Undereye)
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