I have a mannish face, how can i make my face look more feminine?

As I get older I look more and more like a man and it's driving me crazy. I've been called a butterface before and now I realize my face looks masculine. What colors do I need, what facial features do I need to fix, and I would like to know how to. Please all and any suggestions I'm open too, I don't want to lose my husband because I'm a butterface.
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How's this? First of all, the term "butterface" is a sexist term used by shallow men in this celebrity-obsessed, photo-shopped era. You look fine. Look at celebrities without their makeup. You'll be surprised. Anyway, I used a light foundation to even out skin tone. I used brown eye shadow and black mascara. I thinned the brows. You have thin lips so I did the lipstick a little outside the lip line. The hair is Isla Fisher's. I changed the color to auburn. It's a close match to your hair which is a pretty color. So I'm sure your husband won't leave you. We all age. But it doesn't hurt to be a little glamorous once in a while.
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