I don`t know how to use any make up on my face accept lipstick...please someone teach me..

i`ve a chubby and oily face...asian..
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thanks a lot with the usefull tips....(n_n)
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you are adorable. but if you feel like you have a chubby face, look into how to contour your face with makeup...will make your face look slimmer. but you're already gorgeous. you'd look great with purples, blues, and green eyeshadows.
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You are absolutely beautiful and have fabulous features. The best way to find out how to apply makeup is to practice, practice, practice!! Just make sure you have a lot of makeup remover. I personally use baby wipes because they are quick, gentle on skin, and cheap!! You should go to your nearby drug or department store and ask for a makeover. Tell them you are trying to find out which colors best suit your skin tone and they will give you a mini makeover and explain how to do it and what colors are best for your complexion. Another great way to learn is to search "makeup tutorials" and beauty gurus" on YouTube, you will find THOUSANDS of how-to videos for every possible look you can think of. However, you are gorgeous as is so don't feel that you need to wear makeup to please other. Never underestimate the power of a great lipstick!
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you have a beautiful face and to die for cheek bones, i dont think your face is chubby but if you do, have a look on utube for conturing. its a teqnique used with concealers or bronzers to help you "shape" yourface how you want to. re. oily skin drink lots of water use a cleanserand toner use oil free moisturiser and makeups. there also is a blotching paper you can get to help keep oilyness down. browse tazz's trends for make up how tos and read heaps! everybodies great here!!!
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