I am losing my eyelashes!!! :(

I am losing my eyelashes!!! :(

I am losing my eyelashes. Every day, when I wake up, I can see a lot of my eyelashes on my bed. I think it’s because I had used an old mascara, but what shall I do now?
(I know, i'm not so good at english)
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Definitely see a doctor and get rid of the mascara. Sometimes, though, eyelashes just fall out, but if this is serious, definitely see a doctor. Hope you get better! :)
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Apply olive oil to the roots of your eye-lashes and avoid using eye-lash curlers or mascara for about a month.
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You should immediately throw that mascara away and see a doctor
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I would go see a doctor asap as there is a very dangerous condition that can get worse if prolongs. I would go in and make sure you are free of it before doing too much else as many cosmetics can make it worse. So before trying to treat it, make sure you wouldn't be creating further damage. (Sorry I forgot the name of the disorder) but Im sure an eye doctor would know exactly what I'm talking about.
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Castor oil applied to the eyelashes at bedtime three times a week, will make them grow longer and faster and stronger. i found the tip on the internet and did that for about 3months at first my lashes start to fell out but after almost two weeks of application i started to see improvement and now they look more healthier and thick and i don't loose then again often like i used to; the oil must be castor oil 100 % pure cold pressed . well That's really worked for me i don't know if it's effective for everyone ,You can do your own research on the internet to learn more about it. Hope this helped!
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That shouldn't happen because of an old mascara? You should try a product to help the lashes growth....Revitilash and Elastilash are 2 products that will help your lashes grow. Use every night before bed. I have Elastilash and it works amazing. It takes a few weeks to see results but it does work. I got mine through my dermatologist and it was around $60. Loreal makes a clear lash serum to condition the lashes.....it helps but doesn't have the same results as Elastilash. Hope this helps!
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