How to treat the dark circles around eyes?

How to treat the dark circles around eyes?

i hav dark circle under my eyes... is any way to treat them...
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try to figure out what caused the circles. if it's because you aren't sleeping enough, then get more sleep, that kind of thing. if you have to zap it quick though, or you don't have time to sleep more, then you can use the tea bag method, or chill a metal spoon in the fridge and put it on your eyes for a few minutes (great for puffiness, too) because both shrink the pores, and circles are just swollen and leaking blood vessels. make sure you're getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals. lots of leafy greens and such help keep skin healthy
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umm i suggest garniers eye roll on plus concealor. or you can try some home remedies ;

1) Always make tea from tea bags, but don't throw the teabag...

2) then close your eyes and keep the tea bag on your eyes

3) And stay for 20 mins ( try listening to a song. So u won't get bored...

4) do like this twice a day for 2 weeks..

5) No More Dark Circles.. YAY..!!!!!!
thank s for reading!
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roll on
Go to the healthfood store and buy a bottle of flaxseed oil. Massage a few drops under your eyes before bed each night. In the meantime, use a concealer to cover them.
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