How to look like a tumblr girl?

I want to look like a tumblr girl! but i dont know how! any tips on achieving this look? example below.
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Tumblr girls are abnormally pretty! wear a full coverage foundation, with neutral eye shadows , winged liner, mascara and bold/nude lips (either will work)! as for fashion I suggest high waisted shorts, sweet heart dresses, bodycon dresses, crop tops, tribal print, galaxy pint, floral print, leopard print, combat boots, heels, vans shoes and converse! also wear stacked bracelets, rings and anklets and wear accessories with crosses . For your hair tumblr girls usually wear their hair in buns or they wear it straight/loose curls also wear bandannas !
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i guess just work on growing out your hair, and getting fit.
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Tumblr girls have a fit, athletic flair to them, while being very feminine and sexy. Think long hair extensions-preferably blonde, dark spray tan, athletic shorts or workout pants matched with halter t-shirts. Hope this helps.
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like what do you mean, in what way do you want to look like her?
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