how to i grow up in my style to a proper teens ?

How to i grow up in my style to a proper teens ?

okay so im in year 9 and i still look childish and i want to grow up a bit makeup and style wise and tips?
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i diagree a style should be something original get your hair done or just go for a bit of a change but under no circumstance do you need to dress more " girly" i dress in jeans andi dont where any make up besides maybe a bit of lipstick but thats only a nude colour and i get lots of comments on how i look nice comments cause im in yr 9 too last year i was that kid who nobody liked remember its not what you dress like or what you look liike but who you are......@merkim I find htat highly offensive !!!
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Okay try wearing dresses a little bit more. To add a little bit of cool to a generally girly outfit, try wearing a leather jacket over it. Accessorize but limit it to two pieces of jewellery ; earrings are definitely a must have. If you aren't pierced, try clip-ons. Try a basic black or brown eye-liner (which ever best suits your skin tone) to make your eyes pop and choose a light shade of lip-gloss for day to day makeup. Experiment for night looks. Check out Michelle Phan or the variety of make-up/beauty gurus on youtube for more tips. I hope I helped :)
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you should wear very light colors, dont go with darks because you will look older. You want to maintain your youthful radiance
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