how to hide dark spots on face?

How to hide dark spots on face?

i have some dark spots on my face and dark circles and i want to hide them with makeup how please anwer me and told me what i use mac or makeup forever i am middle white.thank you so much TAAZ i love u.
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tiddliewinks26:thank u so much.
bluberrio:wow toner i never heard that but i will try thank u so much.
ellie702:yes i love mac so much i am a huge fan of it and the dark spots not so much but i use a lightning cream and it works well and i am going back to my treatments but i hide them cus when i want to go somewere and when i am so busie.
thank u so much girls it is realy help you are so sweet.
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Toners always help! I used to use the proactive one but I know clinique makes some great ones. Any mac foundation will give you maximum coverage, just find the finish you like. I'm a big fan of matte finishes so studio finish powder plus or studio fix fluid are my favorites. I also like makeup forever mat velvet + (around $35). It's not mac but lately that's my favorite.
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MAC is a girls best friends when looking to conceal!! I love mac concealer for my dark circles! But instead of hiding why not try and combat your dark spots?? Have you looked into a chemical peel you can do a lactic acid peel it's recommended for sensitive skin types and people who are new to chemical peels: makeup artist
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