How to get this look

The photo that I have attached of the eye. I was wondering how to get that exact look with the same colors and everything?
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Well I suppose the first thing you need to do is to conceal dark circles. After that, put a powder on top of the liquid concealer to make sure it stays in place.
I think you'll need:
-White eyeshadow
-Grey eyeshadow
-Purple eyeshadow
-Blue eyeshadow
-Turquoise eyeshadow

I also think you'll need black mascara and blue eye liner. It's a very sweet look; I can totally see why you'd want to re create it! ^^ Here's a demo I made for you: http://www.taaz.com/makeover/demo-for-beautiful33/v_lUf-dp8DhS4h1BayDDWMx8nFtVKPa4.html
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