How to get permanently full lips naturally

How to get permanently full lips naturally

Hi I am looking for natural ways to get naturally fuller lips. I would never consider surgery or anything like that but I want a product that gives results that make your lips full permanently. I have used lip plumpers but they only work for a while and then your back to normal. I want something that works by building up collagen in your lips overtime and giving you lasting results. I know there are products out there I just don't know where to look!I am from Ireland so if I was to buy online it needs to deliver here.I have round lips as I have a small roundish mouth but I want more fullness and I have tried liner and all that, it is only temporary not what I am looking for!Any advice and links to sites and products I would be so thankful.
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get a lip plumping injection! My cousin just got it done and it looks lovely. It is also known as lip augmentation surgery. It may hurt a little but then you will have fuller and prettier lips! Just see your location and find the most cheapest doctor who can do that. Let me know if it works :)
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To be honest, features are kind of given naturally! You can't really change the shape or anything. But If you can fake them, like apply a lip pencil, give your lips an outline and then color your lips from the same pencil. when i want to get fuller lips, i do this and it works!!
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Buy some Cinnamon oil and apply it every day, and it will plump up your lips. It's cheap and if you do it everyday, it will start to become permanent. Order it on Amazon.
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I don't want to have to wear lipstick etc all the time I want to be able to go without and have full lips naturally just incase people suggest I just wear lipstick etc all the time. If ye can link products and sites I could find them on, or if ye have tried some of these products yourselves then maybe you can recommend something. All the advice ye can give would be much appreciated!:)I know how to use the lip liner tricks and all that and they are fine and I have also tried lip plumpers like Sally Hanson and Benefits but none of them gave me what I wanted and they don't last on the lips.I have also tried things like cinnamon etc but they only last for the time you use them I want something that will give me full lips for good ha I know I've blabbed on a bit but just wanted to explain what it is I am looking for.:D
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