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How to do eyeliner

Whenever I try to put on eyeliner I end up making a very thick line which makes it look like extremly dark eye shadow. Any tips on how else to put eyeliner on?
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get a thin eyeliner brush to apply the eyeliner
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i would suggest you go to the drugstore and get Wet and wild waterproof. It has a marker tip that is so easy to apply. Its like marking your face with a fine tip magic marker. Waterproof is best because it won't smudge or run when you are applying and sometimes working so close to the eyes causes them to tear up. Plus it's under $5.00 Can't beat that!
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Try a thin waterproof eyeliner, they tend to not smudge as much.
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I have 2 suggestions.....One is to try the gel eyeliners. I feel as though they glide on so smooth and are easy to apply. MAC Fluidline, Lancome and Maybelline make really great gel eyeliners. The Maybelline liner comes with a brush, otherwise you need to get a thin eyeliner brush to apply the gel. I also really like the super thin tip on the Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner. Apply the liner as close to your lash line as possible and make sure the tip is sharpened and thin. Hope this helps!
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