how to appy make up to create asian eyes

How to appy make up to create asian eyes

my eyes are really small but would love to have them look asian what do I do
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Apply light beige eye shadow or concealer onto your lid in the crease area to eliminate the shadow formed by your eyelid. Asian eyes have only one eyelid fold, unlike Western eyes that have a double-eyelid fold. The light shadow or concealer will help mask the fold. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, draw a very thin line with eyeliner on your top lid. When you reach the end of your eye, continue drawing the liner slightly past the end in an upturned curve. The curve will give your eyes the illusion of an almond shape and eliminate excess roundness.
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Almost like a sunset. Three shades. Start off with the lightest all over the lid. The in the crease would be the second medium color. Blend that into the crease using your blending brush in a wind shield wiper motion. Last you would apply your darkest shade or even a liner to give the richness to the lash line. This allows the eye to become narrow looking. Good luck,
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